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Gravity STEEL - A unique and elegant designer wine stand / wine stacker

Gravity STEEL® wine-stand - Press release





It may be easy to dismiss a wine-stand or wine stacker as an unnecessry home accessory. However, once you've experienced the advantages of storing your wines in a horizontal position using the Gravity STEEL® wine stand and being able to elegantly display your favorite everyday wines, (as many connoisseur like to do) you will perhaps see things differently!


The Gravity STEEL® wine-stand is a made of three high-quality steel balls that are chromium plated to a mirror finish and connected through a premium leather band. This innovative unit neatly organizes 6 bottles of your wine very securely and is ideal in the kitchen, on a table, or on any flat surface.


The Gravity STEEL® wine-stand is also the perfect gift item for the wine enthusiast seeking something unique! It uses minimal space and stores your wine bottles horizontally, keeping the cork moist so air doesn’t enter the bottle, thus enabling your wines to always maintain their quality, taste and aroma!




Key features of the Gravity STEEL® wine-stand:


•Eye-catching and elegant


•Stylish and contemporary quality design and feel


•No mounting, portable, uses minimal space


•The perfect accessory for the wine enthusiast and wine lover



Bring the elegance and functionality of the Gravity STEEL® wine-stand into your home today!



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For anyone who enjoys a glass of wine from time to time, storing, stacking or displaying your wines especially when there is limited space can be a problem. This though can be easily overcome when you use the Gravity STEEL wine stacker. This unique wine stand / stacker enables you to stack six bottles of wine. Apart from saving space, laying your wine bottles correctly and elegantly, this designer product is practical and easy to take with you to parties, on vacation, or wherever you like!




If you reside in the USA, Canada or Mexico or Europe you can order the Gravity STEEL wine rack / stacker through these links: