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If you reside in the USA, Canada or Mexico or Europe you can order the Gravity STEEL wine rack / stacker through these links:





















Gravity Steel Wine Rack


A uniquely designed high end wine stand, easily portable, yet able to stack six bottles of your favorite wine!

Storing wines correctly is important, though you may also wish to display some of your favorite wines?


With your GRAVITYⓇ wine stand you don´t need to devote any specific place, or much space for your bottles. Now it is possible for you to have an elegant and designed display on either your table, your home bar, or any place of your choosing.





Simply place the two end steel balls next to each other and then stretch the leather band with the third steel ball on the opposite side. Fig 1.












With slimmer bottles, cross the band as shown in Fig. 2.












Next, place three bottles next to each other to form the “base”, then stack two bottles on top of the base bottles and finally place the last bottle on top (as shown in the image below).

















Voila ..there you go! You now have your six bottles of wine, held together by Gravity!



“Innovative accessories for the Wine enthusiasts”











Customers Reviews

- A really smart and elegant way of stacking my wines! A really smart way of stacking my wines! I bought this as I was curious, though when I received it I just have to say wow! A high quality product packaged in a really elegant gift box! Super practical which I can take with me basically anywhere. I also find it a great gift item to all my wine lover friends!


--- Swede




Check it out on Amazon.com:

- Looks great! This is exactly what I need. This gravity steel looks fantastic and holds together. It works! absolutely how I like it!

--- Fredrik A.